«For Eho» Association

This is a dream come true! The association, whose primary goal is to aid huts in Bulgaria, welcome guests in the mountain and promote sensible nature behaviour, has chosen Eho hut in the Central Balkan National Park as a model. The "Academic" Balkan students' mountain tourism association, which has been managing the hut on its own so far, answered the call for co-operation, and we are looking forward to realising our ideas together, which are:

- environmentally friendly development of Eho hut, to transform it into an example of sustainable management of a Bulgarian hut, in line with the Management Plan for the Central Balkan National Park. Sustainable resource utilisation and waste management, energy efficiency;

- Eho hut as a hospitable and comfortable place to stay in the mountain, where visitors will be treated tolerantly and offered information, making them feel among friends. An opportunity to various additional services, in line with the hut's rules and regulations;

- making Eho hut more popular as a place of learning, meetings, and events (related to environment protection, adequate stay in the mountain, as well as purely scientific activities for school and university students) aimed at a broad audience. Optimised year-round visits of the hut through a successfully implemented marketing strategy;

- building a reputation of an up-to-date, comfortable and modern hut, meeting international standards as a place to stay in the mountain.

The "For Eho" association was established in Sofia, on 24 February 2009 by young and travelling people, mountaineers, mountain guides, environment activists and friends of the Eho hut.

The association's managing board includes five people:

Mihail Mihov - chairman
Irina Shalamandova - member
Vanya Boneva - member
Albena Angelova - member
Eleonora Yosifova - member

The activity of the association is supported by the following organisations:

For The Nature environmental association
Odisseia-In - tour operator for adventure and culture tourism
Mountains and People association
Future Now national community centre