Hello mountain friends!

This is the web site of the Eho hut - a lovely place in the Balkan Mountain, worth paying a visit :-) Here, you can learn about various initiatives, related to the environment, the hut, sensible behaviour in the mountain. You can learn more about the "For Eho" association, take part in its activities and help in reaching its vision.

We are trying to make Eho hut:

  • a hospitable and comfortable place to stay in the mountain, where guests may expect tolerant attitude and plenty of information, feeling among friends;
  • an example for environmentally friendly developing Bulgarian hut, with sustainable resource utilisation, waste management and energy efficiency, in line with the Management Plan for the Central Balkan National Park;
  • a place or learning and events, related to environment protection, adequate behaviour in the mountain, as well as offering purely scientific knowledge to a broad audience;
  • up-to-date, comfortable and modern hut, meeting international [quality] standards.
Companies, who have financially supported the Eho hut in 2009/2010 are: