Room Fares in Eho Hut

Effective as of 01 October 2010 to 30 April 2011.
All fares are in Bulgarian levs.

 #  Room Type BTU* Members Other Guests
  Fare Type A B
1.  # 1, 14 beds 10 11
2.  # 2, 8 beds, toilet 10 12
3.  # 3, 12 beds, and # 4, 5 beds 9 10
4.  # 5, 8 beds, toilet 11 13
5.  Other 8 9
 Children from 2 to 12 years
 (using a separate bed)
30% deduction
 A group of 10 and more guests a free mountain guide
 After more than two nights Every next night is cheaper by 1 lev
 Using a shower 1
* Bulgarian Tourist Union

An additional deduction of 2 lv. per person is available to:
    - members of the Academic students' mountain tourism association and the For Eho association, and the students of the Mountains and People association, according to Fare Type A
    - students, professors and employees of the Ruse University Angel Kanchev, high school students and pensioners from the Ruse municipality, according to Fare Type A or B
    To prove eligibility, you need to have a BTU membership card, a student card, a letter of the respective institution or a verified list.

    Special deductions are offered when a full board or bed & breakfast are requested; fares will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

    The room fare includes using 220 V power supply for 6 minutes and 6 kg of firewood per person.

    To use power and firewood more than what is included in the room fare, the additional fare is 0.15 lv. per minute of power supply, and 0.10 lv. per kilogramme of firewood.

    Laureates of the orders Aleko Konstantinov, Special Merit, and Sport Glory (gold, silver and bronze), Merit Grades, Honourable Hut Host, and Honourable Environmental Activist may stay for one night free of charge during each visit.