The Eho

The Balkan Mountain has its Echo ... It carries the Balkan's song through all summits and rocks, meadows and valleys, it plays with wind, rain, sun ... with birds, bears, creeks and waterfalls. Sometimes the entire mountain "booms", another time "piles up", yet another time - "laughs" ... The Echo is still in our ears the first days after we are back in town. If we call it, it will come ... And if we remember it a little bit too often, it will turn out that it has forever stayed with us.

A good Balkan hut is named after that Eho. Located near the Windy Saddle, in the summit of a peak, holding its hand in a Fist, at the edge of the Tsarichina reservation, on the mountain's main ridge ... Since I've seen it, the Echo has flown into my life, travelling to different towns ... in different mountains, merging with other Echoes, dying out and living up again. And coming back. Well, I've come back to it too ...

The only words I;m going to say about this hut that I want its Echo to reach more huts, to engulf more people with its song, and make more songs in tune with its own. I want more people to find time and climb to the Balkan, because there is a place to feel welcome, a place to be offered warming tea, there is someone to guide them and give them advice for the safest and most pleasant route. We have to be human to each other, but I don't why it's easier to do this in the mountain than in the city. If we want the Echo to climb down to the fields, more people need to come to it, to listen it and pass it on ...

Photos can reflect only a part of the landscape, a bit of its mood and a quantum of the Echo. Fortunately, it cannot be framed, noted or encoded ... The Echo is one of a kind, and everyone who has ears will hear it. Just go to the Balkan and sit in a deep valley, where a river booms, meet the wind and listen to the birches of centuries-old beech-trees ... cast a sight to the lowlands, hear the squish of bird wings, remember who's been there to look for freedom ... and be grateful we have all that.

We may think we are immersed in a "different" world ... that we witness a new culture, technology and inventions, new and modern art and communications, but their Echo disappears for mere days, while the Balkan's Echo, now and then, remains the same.

Mihail Mihov,
January 2009

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Posted by hk at 03.06.2009 20:48

New hosts Galya and Ivan are marvellous people! Even though they had just arrived and it was all new to them, they took great care of us. Ready beds and a warm bath expected us, and because we were the only guests around, they invited us to their table and offered us delicious soup and Teteven brandy. We spent one unforgettable evening with them at Eho hut. Galya and Ivan, thank you for your hospitality!!! We hope to visit you again next year, and let your stay at Eho hut to be an easy one! Hrisi and Ivan

P.S. Since the hut needs a new generator (wind-powered, it is windy all the time), there is a donations box, don't pass it by if you liked it at Eho and its wonderful location.