Nearby tourist destinations:

- Vezhen hut - 5 hours (summer trail)
- Vezhen hut - 6 hours (winter trail, through Vezhen peak, 2198 metres altitude)
- Kozya Stena ("Goat Fence") hut - 2 hours
- Haydushka Pesen ("Rebel Song") hut - 3½ hours
- Vasilyov hut - 5 hours
- Kavladan peak (1710 m) - 10 minutes
- Yumruka ("The Fist") peak (1818 m) - ½ hour

All trails are marked!

Starting locations that can be reached through public transport:

1. Ribaritsa - starting at Stara Ribaritsa bus station through the Ostrikite area - 4 hours (coach link through Teteven)
2. Troyan Pass (Beklemeto) - 4½ - 5 hours (buses between Troyan and Plovdiv, the pass is closed from late October to late April)
3. Rozino (railway) - 4½ hours
4. Hristo Danovo (railway) - 4½ hours
5. Chiflik, through Haydushka Pesen hut - 4½ hours (bus from Troyan)
6. Klisura (railway) - 4½ - 5 hours

Important: the trail from Klisura is currently extremely difficult to pass, due to fallen spruce trees.

During the winter, it is recommendable to use ice-axe and crampons. All routes to Eho hut in winter conditions should pass through the iron rope areas, respectively climbing down the Yumruka peak towards the hut (for guests arriving from Rozino, Klisura, and Vezhen hut), and the final climb of Kavladan peak's north side (for guests arriving from Ribaritsa, Chiflik, Hristo Danovo and Kozya Stena hut).